Titanic Mural


This Titanic wall mural is on the lower Newtownards Road, Belfast, commemorating RMS Titanic ‘Ship of Dreams’.
The mural was unveiled in June 2010 and was dedicated to Titanic and the fiercely proud shipbuilding legacy of east Belfast.
The new mural, painted by artist John Stewart, pays tribute to the workers and founders of Harland and Wolff which built the historic ocean liner which sank in 1912.

The image of a paper-boy shouting the fateful news that the Titanic had sunk replaced a 20-year-old paramilitary mural in east Belfast.
The mural at Cuba Walk, just off the Lower Newtownards Road, used to show the UFF symbol and the Red Hand of Ulster.

It was replaced as part of a community project aimed at building good relations and community spirit across Belfast and Northern Ireland.

This is one of two large-scale artworks along East Belfast’s Lower Newtownards Road depicting Thomas Andrews, Captain Smith, RMS Titanic and the Harland & Wolff cranes. The black & white painting at Dee Street, further up the Newtownards Road, is particularly impressive. Along with the Yard Men sculpture, further up the Newtownards road, are all worthy of a photo opportunity.